Email is the most cost effective form of online marketing. The hardest part of email marketing is building a good list. Search marketing and email marketing are natural partners. You can drive traffic and leads with search marketing then nurture your new leads as well as existing customers with email campaigns.

IMC includes a bulk email marketing tool. Our service includes all of the latest deliver ability components that ensure your email gets to its intended customer. Our customers love that all of the email campaign data can be viewed alongside their other online marketing data. IMC is one of the only marketing platforms that can create a report that pulls all of your campaign information, including email data, into one place.

Use our email marketing tool as a do-it-yourself service or use our full-service team to build templates, write content, distribute and analyze your campaigns.

Here are a few of our features:
  • Build and manage unlimited email lists, auto-import email leads from our sales center or integrate with external sources.
  • Create a one time campaign or a scheduled delivery campaign with the option to include an auto responder.
  • Create and manage email content templates for easy editing and updating.
  • Measure email open rate with campaign analytics reporting.
  • View email campaign list and delivery status.
SEO Ranking Tracker

Build lists manually or use the importer function to pull data from external files.

SEO Bench Marks

View email marketing trends for emails sent and statistics for each campaign.

Track SEO Submissions

Know how many people unsubscribe from your list, actually opened your email and/or clicked on an embedded link.